Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression







What is anxiety?



We all feel anxious at times, and it is a natural human response when we

think/believe/ perceive some danger to us from things, events, or people.

The key thing is more often than not, it is a perceived/imagined danger or

a threat than a real one. In other words, fear, and expectation about what

could/might happen in the FUTURE or about to happen.



It is a natural response to feel anxious when coping with stressful events

and life changing experiences as such events could make a significant

impact on your life. For example, being made redundant from the job,

unexpected illness, divorce, etc. 




When does it become a problem?



Anxiety becomes a problem when it begins to interfere with your daily

life. That is when we begin to see and feel the people, events, and the

world around us as a threat, and believe that we may be unable or do

not have the resources to respond appropriately to keep ourselves safe,

and therefore respond stressfully. Over a period of time, such anxiety is

ikely to become “chronic anxiety” and lead to what is known as 


The real danger is that our physical body responds to the false or

imagined anxious/fearful thoughts and beliefs as if they are real, as it

cannot distinguish between a real danger, from an imagined/perceived

one.Chronic anxiety if not dealt with could lead to serious illnesses not

only in the mind but also in the body.


What does anxiety feel like?



Do you wake up each morning with obsessive thoughts and dreading

what the day could bring?


You have had little or no sleep worrying about what tomorrow

would bring and you do not know how to cope with it all or

don’t know what to do?


You find your heart beating faster and you find it difficult

to breath properly?



What about just ordinary everyday tasks such as driving to

the supermarket, talking to people, meeting new people, answering

the telephone? Do you try to avoid them or you don’t feel like you

want to go out at all?



What has your anxiety feelings cost you so far?



In terms of on those around you? Your family? relationships?

Your work? Living your daily life?


Do you feel that it is time to take the “bull by the horns?”


Do you really want to DO something about these feelings,


let go of unnecessary fears and worries and reclaim your life,


so that you can feel relaxed, calmer, emotionally balanced, feel


confident and comfortable around people and situations.  





At the moment, you may despair and feel anxious that nothing can help

you get back to living your life fully the way you want to, but,  YOU CAN.




These feelings are a way that your unconscious mind lets you know that

you need to pay attention to something that needs changing and healing

that would allow you to live the kind of life you deserve. 



Just imagine…what is it really like to be relaxed…calm…

centred…confident and be in control of your emotions

and your life?  I wonder…



Relax your body…Calm your mind…awaken your soul…

Are you totally committed to taking back control over your life?



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Should you simply want learn how to manage anxiety and stress,  

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How can Marion Help?



One of main areas I specialise is in helping people to set themselves free

from anxiety, phobia, trauma/PTSD, panic, depression, as well as adults

with unresolved childhood abuse/trauma, at the root causes of these



I am trained and experienced in the most advanced therapeutic processes

and techniques (including Clinical Hypnosis) that are available today for

mind body healing.





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Depression is usually (but not always) is linked with anxiety.


If you think your symptoms are those of anxiety or/and depression

it is best that your see your doctor first for diagnostic purposes and

also to rule out any underlying physical conditions.


There may be several underlying causes for depression, such as:

major illness or death of a loved one, loss of job, relationship breakdown,

abusive relationships, overwhelm with responsibilities, business failure

or being diagnosed with an illness.


Life happens and things do not always go the way we want

or expected, we experience both painful and joyful experiences.

Sometimes, when we experience breakup of a marriage/relationship,

loss of someone dear, ill health, redundancy and unable to find work

it is normal to feel sad anxious and even fear.



We may have the inner strength and resources to cope with them

and overcome them most of the time. However, sometimes our own

resources may not be sufficient. In my experience one of the main

causes of depression and anxiety that clients experience stems from

unresolved emotionally charged issues from their childhood.



If you are experiencing any of the following on a daily basis

or feeling that life is not worth living or have suicidal thoughts

it is very important that you see your doctor immediately:

Constant negative self-talk

Feeling tired, overwhelmed with sadness and listless

Feeling of hopelessness, restlessness and emptiness

Feeling alone and isolated

Emotional and tearful often without knowing why


Avoid social interaction

Unable to focus or make decisions

Loss of appetite

What many people do not realise is how these unresolved emotional

issues impact on the physical body and manifest as serious illness

in the long term.

The mind and body are interconnected. The fairly new science of

psychoneuroimmunology explains how the negative emotions affect

the nervous system and the immune system and causes des-ease

of the physical body as well as the mind.




I use a combination of healing therapies drawn from probably the most

powerful therapeutic interventions that are available to day for personal

healing and transformation. These include: Clinical hypnotherapy, NLP,

Time line Therapy™, EFT, EMDR, Inner Child process and energy healing


I work with clients by appointment in the UK (mainly Cornwall and London)


Need Help? Want to overcome depression? Let me help you.


I offer online sessions (via Skype) for stress and anxiety, for 

issues such as Anxiety Disorders and Depression, I offer

my own Intensive Therapy Breakthrough Session (ITBS).



Where some of the more complex issues or physiological conditions

such as Cancer, MS are involved I also offer a two or three day 

Therapy and energy healing intensive retreat (One to One) in






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