Anxiety and Depression

Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, TLT and EFT for: Anxiety and Depression




Feeling excessively anxious? Worried? Over sensitive?
Feel as if things are out of your control? Perhaps medication has not helped. Counseling has not helped. BUT you refuse to give up and determined to do something about it?


I am only referring to excessive/chronic anxiety here, because a certain amount is a part of everyday life (and soon passes).
If you want to resolve possible causes of your anxiety and want to learn better ways to feel physically relaxed and at ease as well as feel emotionally calmer; and want to be able to control anxiety rather than allow anxiety to control you, Marion can help you. Marion can help you learn better and more healthier ways of managing your thoughts, emotions and feelings and the way you respond to what is going on around you and gently guide you to become physically relaxed, emotionally much calmer.

Are you ready to become free from inappropriate anxiety? 

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Marion Dias BSc (Hons) Clinical Hypnosis is also a Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™, and a practitioner of EFT, EMDR, Matrix Re-imprinting, Inner child Process, Ho’opnopono and Energy healing.: Marion has over twenty-five years’ experience, specialises anxiety-based issues such as:


Generalised anxiety

Panic attacks






Just imagine…what would it feel like to be FREE of the excessive anxiety and feeling you are in control of your life NOW…




FEES: Fees range from £150 to £250 an hour depending on the issues and complexities, and interventions required to address them

For certain issues I can also offer sessions on skype. Fees start from £100 per hour.

Please contact me to discuss any specific issues you want to resolve.


A Guide to fees:

Therapy Programmes, usually a six-hour session (1 Day) for the following:


Depression/Anxiety  –   usually six hours

Relationship issues    –   usually six hours

Phobia – about  4 hours

Panic attacks –  about 4 hours

Confidence issues – about 4 hours

Stop Smoking1 Session (one – two hours) Fee: £200/ €220



Eating Disorders  (may need six hour session + a few more hours)

Adults with childhood abuse  issues (may need six hour session + a few more hours)

Trauma and PTSD (may need six hour session + a few more hours)

Cancer counseling (may need six hour session + a few more hours




Sessions are by appointment only, in Nerja, Malaga or Marbella.  (Also UK – June to September).

Call me: +34 711 771 972 or  +44 7733 268451  or

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Depression is usually (but not always) is linked with anxiety.
If you think your symptoms are those of anxiety or/and depression it is best that your see your doctor first for diagnostic purposes and also to rule out any underlying physical conditions.
There may be several underlying causes for depression, such as: major illness or death of a loved one, loss of job, relationship breakdown, abusive relationships, overwhelm with responsibilities, business failure or being diagnosed with an illness. Life happens and things do not always go the way we want or expected, we experience both painful and joyful experiences. Sometimes, when we experience breakup of a marriage/relationship, loss of someone dear, ill health, redundancy and unable to find work it is normal to feel sad anxious and even fear. We may have the inner strength and resources to cope with them and overcome them most of the time. However, sometimes our own resources may not be sufficient. In my experience one of the main causes of depression and anxiety that clients experience stems from unresolved emotionally charged issues from their childhood.
If you are experiencing any of the following on a daily basis it is important that you see your doctor without any delay:
Feeling that life is not worth living or nothing to live for and having suicidal thoughts (see your doctor immediately)
Constant negative self-talk
Feeling tired, overwhelmed with sadness and listless
Feeling of hopelessness, restlessness and emptiness
Emotional and tearful often without knowing why
Avoid social interaction
Unable to focus or make decisions
Loss of appetite
What many people do not realise is how these unresolved emotional issues impact on the physical body and manifest as serious illness in the long term. The mind and body are interconnected. The fairly new science of psychoneuroimmunology explains how the negative emotions affect the nervous system and the immune system and causes des-ease of the physical body as well as the mind.
I use a combination of healing therapies drawn from probably the most powerful interventions that are available to day for personal healing and transformation. These include: Clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, Time line Therapy™, EFT, EMDR, Inner Child process and energy healing modalities.
I work with clients by appointment both in Costa del Sol in Spain and in the UK (mainly during the summer months).
Need Help? Want to overcome depression?


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