Breakthrough Therapy Session


Breakthrough Therapy Sessions  with Marion Dias   


What is the ITBS?
ITBS is a 6 hours intensive, integrated  therapy  session – in one day for Emotional Freedom – healing up your past
It is an integrated therapy breakthrough Session– a powerful therapeutic and healing process developed by Marion Dias from her extensive experience of helping clients to heal up their painful emotions and beliefs that have stopped them moving forward.
The ITBS is different from what is known as breakthough sessions or any other talk therapies or brief therapy, in that the client can be helped to release and heal up the past for good and not just “talk about it”. It involves a combination of Hypnotherapy, Time Line therapy, Neuro-linguistics, Thought Field therapy®, Energy healing processes depending on the client’s specific needs. .

How can an Intensive Breakthrough Therapy session help you? 
It is specifically  designed by Marion to help you:
Identify and clear painful, unwanted emotions in the past, for good
Identify and clear unhealthy beliefs
Adopt new beliefs that support you
Learn new resources and  coping strategies
To be more confident
To plan of action for the future
To enjoy the present moment
Unresolved negative emotions include: anger, fear, sadness, guilt, hurt shame etc attached to your past memories as well as anxiety.  The process is also effective with depression.
How long is the session?
The sessions depend on the issues to be resolved, usually about six hours ( in one day), for most long term emotional conditions. Where conditions such as  PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), bi-polar, severe depression or abuse or physiological conditions (such as cancer , MS, Chrone’s Disease) are involved,it usually takes longer up to about twelve hours (over two days). It is very rarely the clients have needed any further sessions except for support with any ongoing treatment for physiological conditions.


How does the ITBS compare with other psycho/emotional therapies and interventions?


Well, the ITBS is rather difficult to compare with other therapies or counseling  because the approach and the combination of the therapies are unique to the ITBS. What is different compared to most counseling, psychotherapy, CBT and other brief therapies is the time it takes to get the result you want .ie. weeks, months years or in some cases decades. Another  difference is that ITBS does not involve just “talking” or “analysing” issues day week after week, but taking action and evaluation.

Having received many referrals from  GP’s (medical practitioners) usually  as a last resort to help their patients get well, I have often found that these clients have been on counseng/psychotherapy as well as strong medication for several years. Yet with the ITBS lasting between 6-10 hours they achieved the result they wanted. Some of these clients were also addicted to the treatment medication and were successfully weaned off them with the help of their doctors after the ITBS.

How can the client ensure that they get the outcome they want?


The ITBS is an intensive outcome focused session and it does NOT come cheap. So it is essential that you must want to resolve the issues for good and must give your 100% commitment in getting the result. Marion cannot and will not force anyone to do something they do not want to do or not ready to deal with and sees her role as that of a guide who accompanies you in getting from where you are at present to where you want to be and make sure you get there safely and comfortably.

 Please ask for full details of the ITBS

An important note:

Does Marion guarantee a successful outcome?
Absolutely NOT, because the clients ALWAYS have the choice to accept or reject suggestions/treatment offered. Even with the best of intentions, Marion cannot change the behaviour or condition for the client because only the client can and have the ability to do it. This is why your total commitment to the process is necessary. It is not about the therapist “fixing” someone. Therefore if you need a therapist who can fix you or guarantee the result for you, then Marion is not the therapist for you.



Fees depend on the issues involved. Where more complex emotional issues such as PTSD , OCD or physiological conditions such as cancer, MS Chrone’s disease etc) abuse or substance abuse the duration of the session can vary.

For full details contact Marion to see whether this is the best option for you.

“Our behaviours and problems are not Who we are or  What we have, or Something put upon us, but  something we do       -Marion Dias


Marion Dias,BSc (Honours) Clinical Hypnosis  Ceritfied Trainer  and master practitioner NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis;  Energy healing , TFT/EFT  , Matrix Reimprinting EMDR     Chi-lel qi gong.  

Author: Why Did The Cancer Disappear