Why Did The Cancer Disappear?

In early 2006 I was diagnosed with cancer of the endometrium (womb). It was like a bolt out of the blue. The doctors scheduled me for surgery at the end of the month and told me that if I followed their recommendations for conventional treatment which was total hysterectomy and lymphadenectomy followed by chemotherapy/radiation therapy I would stand a good chance of living at least five years! 

Fortunately for me, having practiced and trained people in clinical hypnosis, NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and energy healing- including cancer counselling for many years; I was able to manage to keep reasonably calm so that I could think clearly.  I raised my concerns and many questions to my medical advisers, but their answers and my own research into the treatments recommended by them, made me decide not to subject myself to such treatment.

I decided that I was going to live a lot more than five years and chose to treat myself. I felt that anything I could do to heal myself had to be far more beneficial to me than the treatment I was under such pressure to have. Besides, for years I have been telling my clients and participants at my workshops & retreats that we CAN change anything we want by taking full responsibility for the outcome including our health and healing. I was called upon to act on what I have been teaching for years.

I received letters every month from the hospital stating that my life was at risk if I fail to succumb to the conventional treatment. They even arranged a meeting with the leading consultant to talk me into having the treatment. He too was unable to provide any reasonable answers to my questions. I told the doctors that I was going to treat and heal myself and their response was that they did not know of anyone who had ever done that and I was risking my life.  At the time I did not have a clue as to what or how I could do to heal myself; but I just believed and was certain I would. That became my mission from then on. It was my life that was at stake.

I set about addressing the issue of cancer at all levels of my being – the mind, the body and the spirit and not just the body. I chose not to tell my family, especially my son who is also my best friend. I needed to focus all my attention on my healing and could not afford having also to deal with fear and sadness it would cause my loved ones. To make matters worse my mortgage lender reduced the period of my mortgage from seventeen years to five years as they considered I was a risk, thereby increasing and making my monthly repayments sky high. I had stopped working months before as I was unwell so that was another challenge I had to contend with. I had to dig up even deeper for strength to stay focus on my healing.

I applied several processes I had used with clients and on my retreats including self-hypnosis with guided imagery, and various healing processes I knew. Gradually one by one my symptoms began to weaken and disappear. In late September 2006 my son called at my home while I was out and had found the latest letter from the hospital reminding me that I would die without the treatment and that I should not ignore the letter. Needless to say my son was devastated and persuaded me to see an independent expert. I was convinced that the cancer had receded because I had more energy and the symptoms had all stopped. However, following extensive tests the doctor informed me that the cancer was not only present but had spread and that I needed urgent treatment and referred me back to the hospital immediately.

Within four weeks of the second diagnosis, I had major surgery – a total hysterectomy and lymphadenectomy. I was told that that the biopsies of the matter removed would indicate what chemotherapy/radiation therapy I needed to have. The doctors completely ignored my refusal to have those treatments. Although I was to start drug treatment the following week I heard absolutely nothing from the hospital, medical advisers or my own doctor for more than three weeks. At my insistence they finally saw me and told me that they had tested the matter surgically removed (including sixteen lymph nodes removed as a precaution) over and over again and had compared with the previous test results but they failed to find ANY RESIDUE OF CANCER!

How can a cancer that was spreading and needed urgent surgery simply disappear within four weeks without ANY conventional treatment?

No one was more amazed than I was at the news. I was unable to speak or ask any questions at the time. The reason for this was the fact that in my healing programme, I had included a guided visualization of my final outcome; which was that the consultant telling me that I was free from cancer. Therefore, at the time I was not sure whether I was relating to that programme or if I had actually heard the doctor telling me that they could not find any residue of cancer.

Over the next couple of years I sought scientific explanations from my medical experts as to why the cancer had disappeared and I was treated in a dismissive way. The big guns wrote to me and said that surgery was the cure! He could not explain to me why the matter surgically removed by him (in his own words) failed to indicate any residue of cancer without being treated with so much as an Asprin by them! As for his reply, I am still waiting…   I have documented my experience in my book Why Did The Cancer Disappear? 

My intention of sharing my experience both in the book and with you all is to raise awareness of taking responsibility for our health and well being, in preventing illness and fully participating in our treatment if we should fall ill. Most of us simply give in due to shock of hearing the news and put ourselves entirely at the mercy of our doctors. I would suggest to those who experience any illness to at least satisfy yourself that it is the right course of treatment for you and do your own research before deciding the course of action. The temptation to just resign your self is very strong (and I should know) but refuse   to give in to fear and chose to live and address any issues at all levels mind-body-spirit. We are whole beings, not just a body and should be treated as whole. Ultimately the responsibility for our healing is ours with or without help from others. 

With hindsight, the cancer was a gift from which I learned so much about myself. I was compelled to look at deeply embedded issues that I had not resolved either because I was unaware of them or were too painful to address them, but I have already decided to learn what I need to learn without the need to create an illness to do so. Another important lesson for me was, I can now appreciate what my clients with cancer must go through.      

My mission now is to help people prevent illness and promote health and well being and my workshops are designed to offer you the life tools, strategies and the knowledge to do just that. The workshops and retreats link shows details of current workshops. 

Marion Dias BSc (Honours) Clinical Hypnosis                                                                     Master Practitioner & Certified Trainer NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™ Energy Healing.

Author: Why Did The Cancer Disappear                                                                             Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9571835-0-6                                                                                                      Kindle E-Book: 978-0-9571835-1-3        

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