Emotional Freedom and Empowerment Retreat

The Emotional Freedom and Empowerment Retreat


Who is it for?


For Individuals or couples/partners who wants to work on themselves at a deep level of their body-mind and soul.


How would you benefit from a personal retreat?


If you have some issues to be resolved and start a fresh, no problem.

This retreat is an intensive, whereby you get to do a thorough “spring cleaning” of your hard working mind to identify and work on releasing any painful emotions, limiting beliefs, scramble any defective behaviour patterns and adopt new life strategies enabling you to move forward confidently.

You need some quiet relaxing space to explore all this and to get away from it all for a short time and take stock of your life. Time to establish where you are, who you are, establish what is most important to you in life and work towards it.




One of the venues we use in Spain


About our Personal retreats


Most retreats are about simply relaxing and recharging your life with the help of a facilitator. Such a retreat provides you with quiet time and space in a comfortable environment away from it all for a while enabling you to take stock of your life. Some may include meditation, relaxation, breath-work.  Retreats in general are about rejuvenation.


Our one to one Emotional Freedom & Empowerment Retreat is a six-day experience of exploring, discovering and understanding what emotions are; how they impact on your mind and body; the consequences of keeping them suppressed and provide you with an opportunity to heal up your past. This can enable you to regain control over your emotions and manage them better. Thus, it is a great opportunity for you to gain your emotional freedom and empower yourself.



What is different about our emotional freedom and empowerment retreats is that:


There is no acting out the emotions, psychodrama or analysis of emotions involved. Instead once you have identified the unwanted emotions you want help with, we simply assist you to release them gently and comfortably. With this important role in mind we now only offer this retreat to individuals or couples.

We also use a unique blend of powerful tools and processes tailored to your specific needs.

You have a skilled qualified facilitator with over 25 years experience to support you.



Why reclaim your emotional freedom?


There are many reasons, let me list a few:


  • Unresolved painful emotions such as anger, sadness, fear and guilt, are often the root cause of most illness as over a period they can lead to many serious dis-eases of the body as well as the mind.


  • They influence every aspect of our lives our memory, beliefs, decisions we make the way we see our selves and the world and how we respond to our world.


  • Unresolved negative emotions are also painful to experience.


  • According to quantum biology it is believed that unresolved negative emotions trapped in the body block the energy flow in the body, and could lead to functional blockages in the nervous system and could even cause the brain to send wrong signals to the body or no signals at all. You can understand how these blockages could eventually lead to dis-ease of the body and mind.


  • Unresolved negative emotions also can  keep us stuck in the past and re-living painful experiences as well as sabotage our success to prevent us living life to the full.


  • For example, according to some research, holding on to painful emotions of worry and anger for only 5 minutes, can result in an unhealthy impact on our immune system for 6 hours. This is because strong emotions result in the release of stress chemicals inside your body.


The chemicals that are running our body and our brain are the same chemicals that are involved in emotion.  And that says to me that…we’d better pay more attention to emotions with respect to health” (Candace B. Pert PhD – Molecules of Emotion) Dr Pert was one of the pioneers in the field of neuroscience. During the retreat you will have the opportunity to explore this further.


We offer you a unique opportunity to do something about your unwanted emotions rather than suppress them, and learn how to manage them from now on.

                                 Come join us now.



What does the retreat involve?


This retreat enables:


  • Deep inner-reflection to identify limiting beliefs and unhealthy emotions that have kept you stuck in the past and stopped you from living life to the full.


  • Learn and apply tools and techniques to release the unwanted beliefs and emotions.


  • Learn tools and strategies to maintain your emotional health.


  • Experience: meditation and healing sessions


  • Experience Qi Gong sessions for moving energy.


  • Learn self-hypnosis for relaxation and self- confidence.








Dates, Venues and Prices

Our retreats are held in the UK (summer only) and Costa Del Sol Spain.




Dates:  Can be arranged at any time during the year to suit you.


Venues: Costa del Sol, Spain



Price:  starts from  £2,500 for a three day retreat up to £4,750 for a seven day (6 nights) for an individual or £7,500 for a couple or partners. The price includes: tuition, accommodation with a private bathroom with half board (breakfast and lunch).

The price also include a six hour breakthrough therapy intensive.

It is a a condition that you take a comprehensive travel insurance to cover any medical or other emergencies when traveling abroad.

Please also let us know if you have any allergies so that we can warn the hotel/caterers in advance.


Dates: Can be arranged between March and September in England or any time during the year in Spain (Costa del Sol).


Venue: In the UK , private retreats are usually held at a retreat centres in  Cornwall or near Brighton.


We are ready to accommodate what you feel suits you best.



 Book your place now  for  a life changing experience.

CONTACT: marion@dynamic-perceptions.com 



Relaxing  and Rejuvenate Retreat


If you simply wish to have a few days away to relax we can offer you private retreats from a few days to a week.  These will include stress management, confidence building, breathwork, meditation and chi qong lessons. It does not involve any formal therapy. Should you need it, you can add on our breakthrough therapy session (providing time is available).

Relax and Rejuvenate retreats are offered only on Bed and breakfast basis and starts from £600 for three  days/weekend retreats up to £1,800 for seven days ( no therapy included).

Do let us know of your requirements and we shall do our best to accommodate you.




If you are pressed for time but want to do something about unwanted emotions and limiting beliefs, you can simply book our bespoke Intensive Personal Breakthrough session which is a six our session in one day ( as I offer in my clinic in London). I can offer this session in London or in Spain.Should you wish to relax afterwards for a couple of days and integrate the work you have done.


Intensive Personal Breakthrough Session (please see full details listed under Therapy)

The Fee for BS is £1, 250 for the six hour session (if physiological conditions are also involved it will be £2,500 and will be over two days). The fee is just for the session and does not include accommodation etc.

The session is very popular with many European clients as they can flyover and return easily.