Hawaiian Energy Healing Workshop

Workshop -An Introduction to Hawaiian Energy Healing “Huna” 

3 Days



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                                 Sun set in Kona, Big Island Hawaii (by Richard Da Laat)


Huna is about fully connecting with every aspect of ourselves as mind, body and

soul. What it teaches is peace, humility, aloha (love), respect, gratitude and self-

empowerment to live a life full of energy and vitality. The name Huna is not a

Hawaiian word. It is the modern Western label for one aspect of the original art and

science of healing and spiritual development in the islands of Hawaii known as

Ho’omana. Huna is not a religion. In short, Huna is about self empowerment.



An Introduction to Hawaiian Energy Healing – Workshop


Dates    TBA

Start:  9.30 pm on Friday and end 1.00 pm on Sunday

Venue:  Spain

Price:  £320.


Greater London
Friday 13- Sunday 15 September

This three-day workshop is an introduction to Hawaiian energy healing –

Huna and is a pre-requisite to the Huna higher consciousness retreat we

hold. The information and processes you experience are drawn from a few Hawaiian



What is Huna?


Huna means secret or hidden wisdom. It is a modern label for an ancient

wisdom of healing and empowerment, a way of life in Hawaii. Huna was

originally known as Ho’omana. Ho’o means to make and mana or life force

energy (As in Ki in Reiki or chi in chi gong). Taken together Huna or

Ho’omana means to make life force energy or empower/ empowerment.


The ancient Hawaiians knew how to harness the energy from nature and to

live in peace with themselves and one another and their environment. They

knew that all those years ago that in order to be successful in anything we

have to take personal responsibility for creating positive change.


Huna offers you the choice how to live your life in peace and harmony in

accordance with the laws of attraction, cause and effect and perception is



When you start learning Hawaiian healing you begin to realise that ancient

Hawaiians knew all along. about things that are now proven in science such

as quantum physics.


How can you benefit from the Hawaiian Energy Healing- Huna workshops and Retreats?


  • Learn how to increase your level of energy whenever you want to and reduce energy when you want to relax or feel stressed?
  • Learn some practical yet powerful ways of healing yourself whenever you want to?
  • Lean ways of letting go negative feelings whenever you want to?
  • Gain a more spiritual view of your world and your connection with it?
  • Gain a better insight as to who you are and discover your purpose?
  • Find a better way of understanding yourself and others and take responsibility for and have more control of yourself?
  • Learn ways of healing up your relationships and your past?
  • Learn what each of us can do to heal our world by healing ourselves?

Both the workshop and the retreat are highly experiential and practical.



Some of the things you will explore and learn on the Introduction to Huna are:

How to use breath work to increase life force energy to heal yourself and or to aid relaxation and achieve balance

Awaken your spiritual awareness

Connect with the world around us – we are a part of the whole

Connect with your high-self

Experience Ho’oponopono (a forgiveness process) to heal up your relationships

Letting go of the negative

Goal setting


I studied Huna with different lineages in Hawaii for more than ten years visiting

Hawaii twice a year. I am also a full initiator of the energy symbols of one lineage. I

have used Hawaiian energy healing on myself as well in my therapy practice and

workshops and retreats over the past twenty years. Although I am also trained in

Reiki and other healing modalities, I find Huna by far the most effective in helping

people in their healing.


Richards Hawaii pictures 013Kumu (teacher) Hula with students