Ho’opnopono workshop





When:   TBA

Venue:     Cornwall

Investment: £80




Ho’opnopono Workshop


The process known as Ho’opnopono in its original form, was developed

by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona. She used her process with major

organisations around the world including the United Nations.

Briefly, Ho’opnopono means to make it right with the ancestors,or to make

right with the people with whom you had/have relationships.The original

purpose of Ho’oponopono was to correct the wrongs that had occurred in

someone’s life.


Ho’oponopono, is the ancient Hawaiian code of forgiveness and 

acceptance process. It allows letting go of all such things as anger

and resentment and perceptions we hold about ourselves and others.

Ho’o means “to make” and pono means (“right”) and ponopono means

making it right both ways. The ancient Hawaiians believed that refusing

to forgive, only hurts the person who does not let go of the resentment.




What will you experience during our Ho’opnopono Workshop?



– Become pono with your self – to love and accept yourself


Heal up all your past relationships with everyone in your life.

– Improve your relationships- Ho’oponopono process can

   particularly help you if you feel you are someone who attract

   wrong type of partners (both personal and business) or have at

   rail of failed relationships.

– Attract better relationships or enhance present ones.

– An opportunity to clear up anger, resentment, envy and any other

   underlying negative emotions so that you can be at peace with yourself

   as well as with others. 

– Gain a sense of inner peace and calm and enjoy life more.

– Prevent illness and promote your well-being.


Learn a practical easy powerful process you can use on yourself

   (Not ethical to do it with others without training) anytime you want to.




Fee: £80   Advance bookings only  


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