Huna – Hawaiian Energy Healing Workshop

An Introduction to Huna workshop 



hawaii day three - sunsets 004

                                Sun set in Kona, Big Island Hawaii (by Richard Da Laat)



An Introduction to Hawaiian Huna



WHEN: Saturday 10 – Sunday 11 December 


WHERE:  Truro, Cornwall  UK










What is HUNA?




Huna is a modern label for the ancient Hawaiian understanding of life,

energy and healing, believed to be from the one wisdom that had

originally existed around the planet. Before it was labelled as Huna,

it was known as Ho’omana. Ho’o means to make, mana is energy,

meaning to make life force energy.


The ancient Hawaiians knew how to harness the energy from nature

and to live in peace with themselves and one another and their

environment. They knew that all those years ago that to be successful

in anything, we have to take personal responsibility for creating positive





Huna offers you the choice how to live your life in peace and harmony

in accordance with the laws of attraction, cause and effect and

perception is projection. The world you perceive is your mirror.


It is life changing …integrating modern science with ancient wisdom.




Who will benefit from Introduction to Huna workshop? 


Anyone who wants to better understand themselves and

the world around them and wants to develop the spiritual

aspects of their whole being.




What will you experience and learn from the introduction

to Huna? 




Although this workshop offers you some theory and background

about Huna to enable you to understand the processes better, it is

experiential and you will get to experience Huna and how it works

in practice.

You will discover and learn:




  •  The origins of knowledge of what is called HUNA, and the                                            
  •   28-generation lineage from Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.
  •  Get a clear understanding of how energy or mana  works and its                                               importance in whole-being healing.
  • Learn about the 3 Selves & 4 Bodies – (Spiritual/Mental/Emotional/Physical)
  •  Various healing and empowerment processes Huna offers.
  • Learn HA breathing techniques.
  • Hakalau, the walking meditation of the Kahuna. 
  • Hiolani, the meditation on the internal light at the third eye.
  • Experience Ho’o ponopono – the Hawaiian Process of forgiveness and healing.
  • Learn more about thought, energy & mind/body healing through Huna.
  • Learn about the use of elements in healing.
  • Understand how you create what you call your reality.
  • Understand how cause and effect work in your daily life.
  • Experience a Higher-self Therapy session.
  • Close workshop with a dreamtime meditation.


   Only  6 spaces available.  Book your place now!




For those who have completed my Huna Intro, I offer my

5 Day Energy Healing Retreat which also include Huna processes. 


The retreat is also offered on a one to one basis.


For further information and to book:

Contact us:           

                     07733 268451








Your Facilitator


Marion Dias will be your facilitator and guide at the Introduction

to Hawaiian Huna workshop. 



My Huna Journey

I began my studies in Huna in 1999 in Hawaii originally with late

Tad James PhD, and had the privilege of studying Huna with Tad,

and Hawaiian elders such as late Uncle George Na’ope, late

John Kaimikaua and Kumu (teacher) Hula Etua Lopez. I have  also

studied with other Hawaiian elders and draw from several

powerful personal growth and spiritual disciplines to create

this special and unique intro to Huna.


In my own Rapid Emotional Breakthrough©Therapy sessions,

I (as a full initiator of all 36 symbols of the lineage) often use Huna

energy symbols and chanting to assists clients with healing their

more complex issues physiological as well as emotional and mental

by assisting them to increase life force energy, they need to heal

themselves (Depending on the clients’ preference).







Richards Hawaii pictures 013Kumu (teacher) Hula with students