Conditions Helped with


Hypnotherapy, NLP


I specialise helping with the following :


Anxiety disorders including: TRAUMA, PTSD, ABUSE,

Adults with childhood trauma and abuse issues



Heal up the past 

-heal up issues in the past: unresolved  Anger, Sadness, Hurt,

Grief, Fear, Guilt, jealousy, regret shame etc are involved.

I assist the client clear out painful emotions

attached to events of the past within six to eight hours.

My approach also involves addressing the issues from a

mind-body-spirit perspective.


My other speciality is in counseling clients with Cancer, MS and

Crone’s disease.




Other issues/conditions




Stop Smoking


Anger management



FEES: Fees range from £100 to £250 an hour depending on the issues and

complexities, and interventions required to address them.

Online sessions (via Skype) are available for some conditions. Please ask for details. 

Contact me to discuss any specific issues you want to resolve.

Email me on:






Intensive Therapy Breakthrough Session 


usually a six-hour session (1 Day) for the following:

Anxiety Disorders



Childhood abuse/Trauma (adults)

Cancer counselling (6 – 12) hours 


Emotional issues (with physiological conditions , eg. MS) up to 12 hours



Depression/Anxiety  –     usually six hours

Relationship issues    –   usually six hours

Phobia – about  4 hours

Panic attacks –  about 4 hours

Confidence issues – about 3-4 hours

Stop Smoking -1 Session ( two hours) Fee: £200









By appointment London and Cornwall (in person)

Some issues are offered online via Skype (ask for details) 




Call me now on: 0 7733268451 

You can also email me on: