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                                                          Hi, I am Marion Dias.


                         Welcome to Dynamic-Perceptions

                     Relax the body…Calm the mind…Awaken the Soul




What I do


I am an experienced Therapist, Coach and facilitator of retreats

and workshops focusing  and promoting emotional health and

wellbeing. Why? Because, I find that whilst a great deal of emphasis

and help is available for challenges concerning the body of the

person, very little attention and help is given to the emotional and

mental health and wellbeing.


Integrated Therapy 


I specialise in helping with: Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD, Depression,

and adults with childhood abuse issues, Healing the emotional past,

Relationship issues and cancer.


I also offer help with Phobia, self confidence, Stop smoking and

stress management.      




I facilitate self-empowerment and energy healing workshops,

and private retreats  for individuals and couples and Life Coaching. 




Why I do what I do



I am passionate and committed to helping you to not only heal up

your PAST, but to maintain your emotional well-being to prevent you

from causing yourself unnecessary emotional pain or imbalances in the

FUTURE; thus enabling you to live your life fully in the PRESENT.



What enables me to help you


I have more than twenty seven years of experience as a

Clinical hypnotherapist,Trainer and Master Practitioner NLP,

Time Line Therapy™; Practitioner: EMDR, Thought Field

Therapy/ EFT, Hawaiian Energy healing (Huna) including

Ho’opnopono, Reiki, and Matrix healing; Chi-lel Qigong.


I am a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis


From my own experiences of life challenges, I know what it feels like…

and enables me to better understand your challenges, AND,

overcoming them. Indeed, I successfully overcame cancer

and have remained free since 2006.  




Why work with me?



–  I approach your conditions from all three levels of your being, that is,
   at the level of the mind, body, and soul, because you are a whole Being. 


–  Most of the services I offer involve working at a much deeper level, inside out.


–  I help you to get to the root cause/s of the conditions rather than just                                  
   working on their symptoms.


–  I examine how you structure your conditions/problems, before helping you
   resolve them.


–  I teach coping strategies for the future to maintain emotional balance and
   wellbeing so  that you can take full responsibility and control over your life.


–  To help you resolve/overcome your conditions, I draw integrated therapy
   drawing from: Clinical hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming),
    Time Line Therapy™, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), EMDR,
    Inner Child Healing, Hawaiian Energy healing (Huna) including, 
    Ho’opnopono, Reiki, Matrix healing and Chi-lel Qigong. My aim always
    to choose the combination of therapies that best suit your needs.




How I work





I do not offer hourly sessions.  What I do offer is as follows.



Available on line (via Skype )



Stop smoking session                  one  session of 2 hours

Self-confidence                             one  session of 3 hours

Stress management                      one  session of 3 hours

General anxiety                             one  session of 3-4 hours

Phobia                                            one  session of 3-4 hours



For issues involving trauma, for example: (adults) with childhood

abuse/trauma, PTSD (Post traumatic Stress Disorder), Depression,  or

where physiological conditions such as Cancer, MS also involved

or multiple negative emotions such as unresolved Anger, Resentment,

Sadness, Hurt  Fear, Guilt/ remorse are involved I use:



The Intensive Therapy Breakthrough session (ITB) –


This is a 6 hour session (one day) in most cases, between 6-12 hours

for more complex issues and physiological conditions. 

In my experience, most clients get the the result they want within

about six hours. 


I can offer some ITB Sessions on Skype (as I have done with many clients

from abroad) but more complex issues requires a clinical setting and also

certain interventions such as EMDR or energy healing processes require

working ‘face to face’.


When and where I work

I offer on line (via Skype session) for some issues, but not for more

complex  issues where face to face sessions are needed. I work in

Greater London and Cornwall.





Held mainly in London and Cornwall


 Retreats for Individuals or couples are held in Cornwall,

 Devon and Spain.



Life Coachingmainly on line (via Skype).



                           Work with me and Let me help you

                          CALL ME NOW! YOUR LIFE IS WAITING….





I am a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis



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