Inner Child Healing Retreat

Inner Child Healing Retreat

(Private retreat for individuals)


                                          3 or  5 Days (residential)



What is inner child Healing?





Inner Child Healing is one of the most powerful therapeutic processes

in advanced hypnotherapy used for healing the inner child. The process

enables us as adults, to release the traumatic emotional baggage of fear,

anger, sadness, grief, sorrow, shame attached to emotional, physical, or

sexual abuse experienced as a child. The process also enables us to

overcome any unconscious dysfunctional childhood patterns we run in

our lives as adults.







The Inner Child Healing Retreat is an intensive programme about healing

and integrating the wounded inner child within you, re-parenting and

integrating with the adult you. This retreat allows you to work at a much

deeper level than the Inner Child healing intensive session (six hours).     





The retreat will allow you to do the healing work at a slower pace, to

enable you to work on many aspects of the inner child healing.

The Retreat involves examining and working to uncover the unmet needs

from childhood, identify the values and beliefs you had acquired and

programming you had received from others when you were a little child.

You will then be assisted letting go of unhealthy values and beliefs that

have restricted and stopped you from being who you are, what you want

to do and what you want to have in your life.



You will also learn re-parenting skills to enable you to give your inner

child those needs and support that were missing in childhood. Then

Marion will help you in adopting empowering values and beliefs of you

own which will support you and enable you to live a life of your own





Marion will also help you integrate all the change work you have done

and work on integration and self-esteem.



In short, the Inner Child Healing Retreat is all about learning

and becoming who you really are.


Currently, there are some weeks in November and early December still




What if you were able to clear out the baggage from your

childhood and start afresh as the real YOU?

What would 2023 be and feel like, being in control of your life?  




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