Inner Child Healing

Inner Child Healing



In my twenty-seven years of practice as a therapist, I have observed that

many of my adult clients trace the root causes of their problems in their

early childhood.


On one occasion, during a Time Line Therapy™ process when I assisted

the client go to back to the root cause of their issues, she shared with me

that it was at conception and that she heard her parents arguing about

not wanting her!



Almost all adults  have experienced some sort of trauma in early

childhood and in some cases physical/sexual/emotional/mental, more

severe than others.To heal, we must access our subconscious mind and

 acknowledge our inner child. Hypnosis is an invaluable tool in working

with the unconscious and Inner child healing as it facilitates access and

communicating with the unconscious mind.



Who you believe to be you are, your level of self-confidence, your

behaviours, thinking, how you perceive yourself and the world

around you, your strengths, issues,  how you respond to challenges

in life, your relationships are all a result of what you experience in

your early childhood.


This not about beating up your parents, caregivers etc, because

they too are a product of their own childhood.




What is Inner child healing?


Inner Child Healing is one of the most powerful therapeutic processes

in advanced hypnotherapy used for healing the inner child. The process

enables us as adults, to release the traumatic emotional baggage of fear,

anger, sadness, grief, sorrow, shame attached to emotional, physical, or

sexual abuse experienced as a child. The process also enables us to

overcome any unconscious dysfunctional childhood patterns we run in

our lives as adults.




Inner child healing enables us to acknowledge, accept, heal, reparent and

integrate the inner child and become whole as an adult.



As a part of the unconscious mind the inner child plays a significant

role in our relationships, health, happiness, and life. Understanding,

acknowledging, accepting, healing, and integrating our inner child is

therefore crucial for overcoming obstacles, unwanted behaviours,

inappropriate patterns we run or illness. Healing the inner child is

crucial to moving forward creating what you want in life and becoming

who you really are.




Healing the Inner child process is a gentle, permissive, non-judgmental

and a powerful life changing experience.



If Inner child healing is what to you want and you are ready to do the

work involved, and want further details about the session, or come on

weekend retreat.