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Coaching is a process of assisting someone to move from where they are at present to where they want to be.


As your coach I can help you discover and tap into your own resources and creativity to define and achieve your goals as to who you want to be…what you want to do…what you want to have… in your life. I facilitate the desired outcome you want through powerful non-judgmental and confidential conversation. This often involves working at:


1.The conscious or surface level such as setting clear and specific goals and /or behaviour and habit change.


  1. The unconscious or below the surface level, which holds our limiting beliefs, inappropriate values unwanted patterns and behaviours. These sabotage our success and result in undesirable outcomes.


The mind is like an iceberg with much of the iceberg the (unconscious mind) submerged with only the tip of the iceberg showing above water.




What is coaching NOT?


Coaching is NOT Therapy, it is NOT Counselling


Coaching involves establishing where you are at present in relation to where you want to: be/do/have in the future and working and moving you forward to the future. It is future orientated.

Therapy on the other hand involves working with past issues and healing up the past. It is important that you understand that neither involves fixing people  (at least not in my work as a coach or therapist).


Coaching is client directed, generated by your own ideas goals and uses your own resources to generate the desired outcome you want. YOU retain control of the coaching session and the result you achieve. The coach asks specific and powerful questions, which are thought provoking, challenging and even somewhat uncomfortable at times but essential in helping you move forward and finding solutions. You can achieve significant breakthroughs that may lead to career change, improved relationships and the quality of your life depending on the area of your life you have chosen to be coached upon.



Who will benefit from Life Coaching?


Most clients who seek assistance from a life coach are healthy and generally successful people who might feel a bit lost or stuck with no options in their personal or business life. They want their own personal coach to help them move from where they are at present to where they want to get to in the future. This includes setting personal and professional/career goals to create the life they want. Some may simply want to and ready to make some significant changes in their lives and want the support and guidance of their own personal coach to help them make them with confidence.


Do you feel kind of lost or stuck with no options?


Do you feel you are confused by all that is going on in your life but don’t know what to do next and want clarity?


You have achieved a certain level of success, yet you feel that something important is missing but don’t know what?


You have a tendency to procrastinate, that prevent you from getting things done on time and reaching your desired goals.


You want to change your career or want to start a new business venture and need support and confidence to boldly take the next step.


You want clarity on what you want to be, what you want to do, what you want to have in your life.


You have begun to wonder who you really are and your true life- purpose.


Do you feel that despite your many efforts, you cannot overcome the issue on your own and need some input from someone independent and non-judgmental who can help you discover your own resources to move you forward?


If any of the above applies to you, I as your coach can assist you identify and focus on what is most important to you and help you speed up the process of getting your desired goals.


                                  Skype sessions are also available




My coaching programmes are custom-tailored to your specific needs for personal empowerment and growth.



I offer the following coaching programmes:


Life coaching programme


This programme is where you want to improve on your relationships, health, career, communication etc.


Next step:

We will first have a 15 minutes (No charge) initial discussion during which you can ask questions and decide how, or whether we can work together to achieve your goal. Thereafter 1:1 one-hour sessions on Skype except for the first session which is 2 hours (to include the initial assessment). Life coaching programmes are conducted (in most casesover 90 days and depends on the outcome you want. The sessions are conducted via Skype.


You also have the option of having 1-2 full days (face to face) coaching programme as some clients prefer it that way.



      For details, email:


Executive Coaching programme


This programme is specifically for executives, leaders and managers and business owners and usually for business orientated outcomes.




For details, email:



FEE: As a guide, fees start from £200 per hour.




How do you decide which programme best suits your goals and outcomes: Coaching, Therapy or Retreat ?


The easiest way to consider what programmes best address your needs is to ask yourself the question:


“ Do I feel any negative emotions when I think about my past?”


If the answer is a YES, it is the Personal Breakthrough programme you will need (which includes therapy with a qualified and experienced practitioner).



THERAPYIn my Therapy Breakthrough programmes you get to identify and heal up the negative emotions and limiting beliefs in the past, set goals for the future and learn powerful tools and strategies that enable you to live fully in the present.




COACHING is future focused and by definition does not include therapy and coaches are not usually qualified to practice therapy. Coaching is most affective when you are free from any negative emotions in the past. Otherwise the unresolved emotions can and do sabotage the coaching outcome. It is rather like trying to drive your car forward looking backwards. In my experience when we work on identifying and challenging limiting beliefs and values during the coaching sessions, clients often associate into emotions.


If you do not feel emotionally stronger and balanced you may not be able to make major changes in your life or the action you will need to take. If you want lasting results from coaching, you will need to resolve any emotional issues and limiting beliefs prior to a coaching programme.


If you are already emotionally balanced you will have little need as much emotional support or healing. You simply want to improve your life, get clarity make exciting plans and take the necessary action. If that is what you really want coaching will be your best option.



Our personalised Personal Empowerment Retreats can include both coaching and therapy. These retreats can be between 3 and 6 Days .

Ultimate Personal Development Programme


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