About us


What we do


We facilitate unique 1-2-1 Private Therapy retreats and Integrated therapy

programmes for individuals and couples; Group retreats and workshops to help you

gain your emotional freedom and make your personal transformation.


Our retreats offer you the opportunity to learn and better understand yourself at the

level of your being: mind-body and soul, enabling you to renew, refresh re-

invent yourself.



Why do we do what we do?

Our Vision


” We are passionate about enabling and supporting people in their transformation

and empowerment at the level of their being- body- mind-soul, because, we believe

that each human being counts and when one of us heals, empowers and transforms

and return to our true nature, it ripples through to create a better world for all of us”.

Marion Dias

Our aim is to enable our clients by teaching, coaching them to take responsibility for

and control over their lives, because we believe that it is way more empowering for

them and they can maintain their well being thereafter.



Some retreats are specifically designed to facilitate our clients to work on gaining

emotional freedom from their past, maintain emotional health and well being in the

present and empower themselves for the future.


Other retreats are intensives, designed to enable clients to awaken their body, mind

and soul, working at a deep level exploring the nature of your being and include

working on life purpose.



How do we do it?


We do this by helping you to heal up your past; offering powerful new tools and

strategies to maintain your well-being in the present and realise your full potential

and create your own future.


Our retreats and therapy programmes  are unique in that we integrate the ancient

wisdom such as that of the Hawaiians, Vedic and Chinese traditions with: modern

science such as quantum physics,  Neuro- science, psychoneurobiology, NLP

(Neuro-linguistic Programming), Clinical Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy ™,  EFT

(Emotional Freedom Technique), Matrix Re-imprinting and  Reiki and other Energy

healing, EMDR, Inner Child processes, Matrix healing, Chi gong. These are probably

the most powerful tools and techniques available today for personal transformation

and development.


From the above and with more than 25 years of experience of helping people to

overcome their life challenges: we choose those tools that are most appropriate for

our retreat and workshops to achieve our vision.



Who is the main facilitator?




Marion Dias BSc (Honours) Clinical Hypnosis; Master Practitioner & Certified

Trainer: NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™; Practitioner of  Energy Healing.,

EFT, Inner child process, EMDR, Matrix healing, Re-Connective healing. and Chi-lel

Qi gong.

AuthorWhy Did The Cancer Disappear


As a professional therapist and certified trainer of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line

Therapy™, for more than 25 years I have assisted many clients to successfully

transform their lives.




Training and experience



After many years of working for a law enforcement agency experiencing continual

excessive stress, I first stumbled on hypnosis as a natural way of managing stress.


Soon after I trained for my two year diploma in clinical hypnosis initially at the

London Collage of Clinical Hypnosis and was awarded the Diploma in Clinical

Hypnotherapy by the British Medical Hypnotherapy Examination Board in 1998.


I continued to study the scientific aspects of Clinical hypnosis, my particularly

interest being mind-body communication and psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and

attained my BSc (Honours) in Clinical Hypnosis.


NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming


Also in mid-1990, I decided to explore one of the most fascinating subjects – NLP

(Neuro-linguistic programming), which was little known in the UK at that time and

invested in NLP training to the level of Trainer of NLP in the UK and  US.


Time Line Therapy™ 


I also studied Time Line Therapy™ (not to be confused with Time Line in NLP) and

became a certified trainer of TLT with Tad James PhD who developed Time line




Huna– Hawaiian Energy healing

Over a period of more than ten years I studied the ancient wisdom and the energy

healing ways of the Hawaiian Kahuna (teachers) training in Hawaii twice a year. I

found that the ancient ways were more than ever relevant in modern times. It was all

about forgiveness, acceptance, love and co-existing peacefully with one another and

everything in existence. I was inspired, by the simple yet so powerful ways of finding

solutions that anyone could learn and practice.


I have also completed training programmes in Thought Field Therapy (with Dr Roger

and Joanne Callahan), Re-connective Healing with Dr Eric Pearl, Pranic healing,

EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting with Karl Dawson.

I also studied Chi-lel qigong in China with Master Luke Chan.


I have been applying my experience and the above tools to help people in

their personal development and in life journey for the past twenty five years.


A Powerful life changing experience


In 2006, I was diagnosed with cancer following a months of severe symptoms.

I discovered that in studying, learning and practicing the many skills I have acquired,

I had  been preparing for the biggest challenge of my life! It enabled me to stay calm

and consider my choices carefully before refusing conventional treatment and

deciding to heal myself naturally with all the tools I had. I chose life from the start

and took responsibility for my health and well-being and started treating

myself addressing the condition from the mind-body-soul aspects of my being. I

successfully overcame cancer and has remained free for the past 14 years.


This life experience enabled me to put in to practice everything I have learned and

further convinced me of the power of the tools and processes I use in facilitating

transformation and life changes for my clients.


I now know with certainty that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


I look forward to helping you.

Marion Dias


See full details of all our retreats and workshops and therapy programmes.

Contact me at:    marion@dynamic-perceptions.com





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