Private Therapy Retreats

1-2-1  Private Therapy retreats



These are our most popular retreats. These are short (w/e ,3 to 5 days) one to one

therapy retreats tailored to your specific needs, which we offer throughout the year,

in the UK and often in Spain where most clients combine it with a relaxing holiday .


Why have a therapy retreat with Dynamic-Perceptions?

  What is different about our therapy retreats from others?


– First and foremost is is tailored for YOUR specific needs where therapeutic input is


-In our experience, most clients prefer to have a private retreat because they feel

more comfortable and relaxed in a private setting in resolving their issues.


-You have the full attention of your therapist/facilitator.


-Popular with many clients who have been in conventional treatment for emotional

issues for weeks, months and in some cases for years and at a great cost to them

both in time and money; yet feel their issues are far from resolved


-Our Private Therapy retreats, we can help you resolve most issues within a short

period of time. Some may need only a weekend or a few days and others a little

more about 5 -6 days.


-At Dynamic-Perceptions, we are focused on assisting our clients in getting to the

root causes/s of the problem/issue, how the clients structure the problems, the

underlying beliefs, values and thoughts including language that cause them to stuck

in their problem. We do not waste hours analysing the problem or in psychodrama.

Our aim and commitment is to help them resolve the problem with least amount of

discomfort. Once we find the cause together we use an integrated therapy to help

client resolve the issue.


-At Dynamic-Perceptions, we use some of the most powerful and advanced

therapeutic processes available today drawn from both from ancient wisdom and

modern science. These include NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) Clinical

hypnosis, Time Line Therapy™, EFT, Hawaiian energy healing, Reiki, Matrix

healing, Inner Child work. Your facilitator has used these successfully in her practice

for nearly twenty five years,( including on herself using what she teaches and

practice to heal herself of cancer and remaining free from it for more than twelve



-You have your experienced therapist by your side working, supporting and helping

you resolve the issues for once and for all.


-You learn new tools, strategies and ways of taking control of and maintaining your

emotional well-being from now on.


– If you believe in seeking help for treating the cause of your issue rather than

symptoms; and gain your emotional freedom and have a life changing experience

our retreat is for you.


Note: if you are currently undergoing therapy and/or on medication; our retreat may not suit you.


Types of Private Therapy retreats


Emotional Healing

Healing the Past and create the Future

Heal The Heart

Couples/ Relationship retreat



How is the Retreat structured?


This is dependent on exactly what you want to achieve from the retreat as it is

tailored specifically to your needs. Also depends on whether you want a weekend,  3

or 5 day retreat and where (UK or Spain).


In general, in addition to the daily one to one therapeutic work you will also need to

do some written work on your own to get the best out of the retreat and to ensure we

cover all aspects of the issues. In addition to the above there will be

meditation, guided imagery and hypnosis sessions for integration of work, boost

self-esteem and deep relaxation.


A word about Time line Therapy™ (TLT)


In our experience of assisting clients heal up painful emotions attached to their

memories, we have found that TLT is by far the most powerful and effective

therapeutic intervention available today. TLT enables clients to heal up the emotions

and let go of limiting beliefs easily, comfortably and within a  very short period of

time. In our experience our clients let go of their unwanted emotions for good.


Unlike most other therapies for trauma, anxiety, depression and painful emotions,

TLT focuses on the root cause of the problem and works on the positive solution

rather than making clients re-live their experiences. Time Line Therapy™ is a

process developed by Tad James PhD in the 1980s. The TLT process draws from

NLP and Hypnosis. And quantum physics aspects of how we store our memories.

Your facilitator trained with Tad James PhD,in the1990s and use TLT extensively in

her practice.  (Please see Testimonials for some examples)



Private Therapy retreats

Fees for the retreats held in the UK:

Week-end  retreat –  From Friday 2 pm to Sunday 1pm £ 1,500

Midweek 3 days – £1,300

Six days (5 nights) –  £2,500

Note: The above fees do not include accommodation or board.


For couples’ retreats Please contact us for full details.


Private Therapy retreats held in Spain – Costa Del Sol

One to One retreats held in Spain do include accommodation and half board and

starts from £2,850 for three days.

The venue is a  small beach resort near Malaga (45 minutes drive from airport).


We can arrange transfers for you, at extra cost (payable locally).


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always remain confidential. Your privacy is most important to us.   Please email us

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