Private Retreats

Private Retreats - Individuals    UK and Spain  
One to One  retreats can be arranged any time during the year     
either in England or in Spain.


Many clients prefer and benefit more from a one to one retreat that is personalized for their own personal developmental/healing needs.

Since we specialize in customizing our retreats for individuals, we invite you to choose when to come on your retreat at a time that suits you best. So, do let us know the dates and the package that suits you best and whether or not you want any therapy while you are on your retreat and we shall do our best to accommodate you on your chosen dates.
On retreats over 7 days or more, you will have the opportunity to re-evaluate your life and re-invest yourself.


As each retreat is designed specifically around your needs,the price of the retreat needs to be agreed depending on your requirements and payable in advance.
All prices are in British pound sterling. Remember to let us know if you wish to add on any therapy including therapeutic massage and Indian head massage (payable locally)that can enable you to really relax your body as well calming your mind.




Your retreat facilitator is Marion Dias BSc (Honours) Clinical Hypnosis, a certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy and energy healing including Huna and Ho’opnopono; Practitioner: EFT, re-connective Healing, Pranic healing.
As our retreats are customized for your specific needs to make a booking please get in touch with us on:

Booking Terms and Conditions

Terms are 50% on booking and 50% 6 weeks prior to arrival. In the event of bookings within 6 weeks of your arrival date 100% of the balance is due on booking.

It is essential that you take out a comprehensive travel insurance (inc to cover any accidents and sudden illness etc)

• 3 months plus – transfer your retreat to another date during the same year.
• 30 – 60 days – you will lose the deposit
• 15 – 30 days – 75% of total
• Less than 15 days – 100% of total

In the event of a genuine emergency we usually offer the option of transferring to a mutually convenient later date within 3 months.

There are many airlines offering cheap daily flights to Malaga from most airports in the UK.





More Private retreat options:


Gain your emotional freedom and Re-Invent Your Life     Retreat  7+ days

Relax and Resource Retreat   5 or 7 days

Heal Your Heart Retreat          5 or 7 days

Hawaiian Energy healing Retreat 5 Days



Gain your emotional freedom and Re-Invent Your Life  Retreat  7 days (or more)

This is an intensive retreat of 7 days or more.

Our one to one retreat: Gain your emotional freedom and Re-Invent Your Life for instance, is most beneficial where you have multiple emotional issues to be resolved, because our unique Integrated Therapy Breakthrough Session™ (ITBS™) is included as a part of the retreat to help you heal your past.


Our one to one retreat Gain your emotional freedom and Re-Invent Your Life is also invaluable if you also have a physiological condition as well as other issues.

The intensives are usually held in a small beautiful seaside resort  in Malaga Spain but can be arranged in the UK.

This unique one to one personalised retreat draws and combines wisdom and knowledge from both the traditional and modern including science in its processes, tool and strategies.


You might want to consider our Gain your emotional freedom and Re-Invent Your Life in particular, if you can relate to any of the following:


  • Do you feel troubled by the events in the past and unable to move forward or you want to heal up relationships and want some help?
  • Are you ready to have a complete overhaul of your values, beliefs, thought processes and behaviours so that you can keep what you want and get rid of the unwanted?
  • Are you ready to heal up your past (including painful emotions and limiting beliefs) and plan your future in the way you want to experience it – so that you can LIVE every moment of your life NOW?
  • Do you want to re-charge your energy levels or want to evaluate your life and purpose in calm peaceful and nurturing surroundings?
  • Or, are you now ready to explore the spiritual aspects of who you are and understand who you want to be, what you want to have and what you want to do with your life?
  • Or, do you want to discover ways of healing yourself of any blockages and learn how to do it as you go through each day?
  • Want to take full control over your life?


So, ARE YOU WORTH INVESTING IN?  Only YOU can answer that.

I welcome you to join me and share this nurturing healing experience while you heal, revitalise and empower yourself.


How can I benefit from Gain your Emotional Freedom and Re-Invent Your Life Retreat?


Our Gain your emotional freedom and Re-Invent Your Life provides a safe and comfortable environment for allowing you the space to focus just on yourself and make a 360° appraisal of every area of your life. This includes learning about yourself, by examining your thought processes, beliefs, values to identify any blockages and become aware of any deep rooted emotional baggage, such as: unresolved anger, rage, hate, jealousy, envy, hurt, sadness, fear or guilt. Rather than just becoming aware of these painful emotions and talking about it or analyzing them you will have an opportunity in clearing them out. So you can set yourself free from emotional baggage and then adopt new powerful strategies that enable you to move forward with your life in a more positive frame of mind.


This unique retreat offer you the opportunity to heal up your PAST, programme/design your FUTURE in the way you want to experience, so that you can fully live in the PRESENT.

Life IS precious, why waste it?

Life will NEVER be the same again when you are in charge of it!

Let us know what you want and we shall design a programme to suit your needs.




“Your life is in your hands and only YOU

can change it and make it

the way you want to experience it”

– Marion Dias




Heal Your Heart Retreat 

One to one or a couple

5 or 7 days                                                                   

Heal up your heart and your relationships



Sometimes it can be difficult to leave the past relationships behind and move on. You may even find yourself unconsciously attracting prospective partners who have similar personalities and characteristics of the very people you might feel have hurt you. You may find yourself repeating the same old patterns and cause yourself more emotional pain, when you have done your utmost to avoid such pain. There may be many other reasons why you might benefit from taking time out just for yourself to sort out your thoughts, beliefs, values and behaviours to stop the cycle for good and begin to attract a partner with the qualities you want and who truly DESERVES YOU.


You can explore in depth where you have come from and what you can learn from all those experiences that you can use as resources from now on; in a peaceful nurturing surroundings so that you can heal your heart and begin to love yourself more.


Do email us for the detailed information, and cost of retreats stating the number of days you want, and your specific issues to be covered and type of accommodation you prefer. We shall then send you a detailed programme and the cost of the retreat of your choice.




  “You hold your life in your hands…

Emp image                                               …only YOU have the power to change it” 


One to One Relax and Resource Retreat


This retreat is designed to enable you to simply relax, resource and recharge yourself while you have fun learning many practical self-help tools and processes which you can continue to use long after you have left our retreat.

Who can specifically benefit from our Relax and Resource one to one retreat?


Do you feel stressed out? Over-loaded?  Over whelmed?

Do you feel as if you are spinning plates most of the time, trying to keep up with the many demands on your time and resources?

Feeling anxious all the time?

Are you missing deadline at work or making silly mistakes or errors of judgment?

Do you engage in negative self talk and beat yourself up? Find it difficult to cope with day to day life?


May be you simply want a break from day to day life and learn how to relax or want to get away after a stressful event.

This is your chance to get away from it all for a while and learn and experience many ways to relax and resource yourself in a nurturing environment and have fun doing it.

After all, what have you got to lose? Except for stress and troublesome thoughts and behavior perhaps?


Why is relaxation so important NOW more than ever?


For years the media has been alerting us to the fact that more than 75% of all visits to your GP (doctor) involve conditions/symptoms closely related to chronic stress. If not addressed in time, chronic stress can and often lead of serious illness such as anxiety disorders and even cancer. Demands upon our resources are evermore increasing and as we respond to them we tend to forget or ignore the needs of the body as well as the mind’s needs for time out and relaxation. Often chronic stress or excessive stress tends to override the body’s own natural rhythms that our inbuilt within us to keep us in balance.

Also, excessive and chronic stress simply interferes with all aspects of our lives and stops us enjoying our lives.


How can I benefit from the Relax and Resource retreat?

How can I benefit from the Relax and Resource retreat?


  • Understand stress from a mind –body perspective. Most of us talk/ hear about stress on a daily basis, but only a few actually understand what it really means.
  • You will learn what happens in your body when you are overly stressed and the consequences from a psycho-neuro-biological level. Just understanding stress better can motivate us to do something about it instead of overriding it.
  • Understand the body’s own natural healing cycles and rhythms and learn how to use them to enhance relaxation.
  • Learn self-hypnosis and how to use it for inducing and enriching your relaxation experience.
  • Learn how to switch off intrusive thoughts so that you can relax and simply “be”.
  • Learn guided imagery/visualisation.
  • Learn simple qigong exercises on the beach to calm you down and gain clarity of thought and better mental focus.
  • Learn Breath work. Learn powerful breathing techniques (including the breathing techniques of the ancient Hawaiian Kahuna). Breath work includes many abdominal breathing techniques, whereby you learn how to breathe deeply into your abdomen. After all, it is the breath that keeps us alive! Your breath is the key to your relaxation. You will also learn how to increase the energy in your body when you want to and reduce it when you want to relax.


If you let us know exactly what you are looking for we can prepare a programme for your specific needs. Given the nature of the retreat let us know how much or how little you wish to do and whether you want to come over for 5 or 7days.


Here are some of the things we offer on the group retreat from which you can  choose what suits you best.


Qigong – Most mornings down by the beach – Gentle movements with breathing activate the chi energy and calm and balance your mind and body.

Meditation- Different forms of meditations from Eastern and Hawaiian –increase consciousness.

Breath-work- For deep relaxation and for increasing energy level

Guided Imagery- For increase self-confidence, changing unwanted behaviours.

Basic EFT- EFT- self-help tool to cope with stress and challenges of daily life.

Self-Hypnosis- Learn self-hypnosis to calm and relax yourself anytime you want.

Understand the body’s own natural healing cycles and rhythms and learn how to use them for enhancing relaxation.

There will be plenty of time for you to simply be and tune in to the relaxing environment.


Optional extras:  Professional therapy for emotional healing if needed, Indian head massage, therapeutic massage (local therapist).


Full payment must be made when booking is confirmed. Terms and conditions will be provided before booking.


For further information and to BOOK, contact:

0034 711771972             00 44 7733 268451







Call us today and get the best from our Relax and Resource Retreat?

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Optional extras

To enhance your relaxing experience we can arrange locally the following:

Enjoy a deep relaxing massage with a specialist in the field.

Have an energy session

Hypnotherapy or EFT sessions

Indian head and neck massage

Book your place now


I look forward to welcoming you and working with you to help you transform your life.

Contact details: Tel: 0034 711 771 972

0044 7733 268451



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Chi-lel Qi Gong

chi kung CIMG0123 kung

Qi Gong in Chinese from where it originated has two characters Qi or chi (pronounced “chee”) and Gong. Qi means life energy and gong means the daily work or exercise. So Qigong means the exercise of your life force energy. According to some, it is a 5000 year old Chinese healthcare modality that has survived and is making a significant come back.

Qi gong is a practice to use for different purposes including self healing and for improving the fitness of the mind and body and increase vitality for self healing purposes. It is practiced by millions of Chinese as well as other around the world every day.

Qi gong for health and healing is different to other forms of Qi Gong which includes Tai chi which is a martial art. The type of Qigong I have studied and practice is known as Chi-Lel Qi gong . This is a form of Qi Gong that was developed by Master Chan, from Zhineng Qigong the medical qi gong method created by by Dr Pang Ming (a doctor who was qualified both in the western medicine as well as Chinese medicine).
Marion trained in China with Master Chan who was formerly teaching at what was known as the “Medicine-less Hospital” in China, where patients were taught qi gong exercises to heal themselves. Chi-Lel Qi gong is different and should not be confused with medical Qi gong.

How can Chi-Lel qigong help you?

Chi-Lel means Chi Therapy and combines gentle sets of exercises, with visuaisations, meditations and breathing techniques to improve circulation of Qi or life force energy n the physical body and then use it to improve your health and well being. I find that one great advantage of Chi-Lel q igong is that it is suitable for people of any age and most states of health as the gentle slow movements enable the person to improve circulation and maintain flexibility and speed up the body’s own natural healing mechanism.

The movements are slow, gentle, and rhythmic and flowing that enables the movement of chi around the body as it relaxes the body and calms the mind. The exercises are designed to increase energy and vitality to accelerate self healing. It is also excellent for stress management.

 Contact us about one to one or couple qi gong retreats (minimum of seven days) .



Hawaiian Huna -Energy Healing Retreat

hawaii day three - sunsets 004                                                     Sun set in Kona, Big Island Hawaii

Hawiian Huna means secret or hidden wisdom it is modern label for an ancient wisdom for healing and a way of life which was originally known as Ho’omana. Ho’o means to make and mana means life force energy (As in Ki in Reiki or chi in chi gong). Taken together Huna or Ho’omana means to make life force energy or empower/ empowerment. It is also interesting  to note that the Bible also refers to mana (life sustenance) from Heaven.

Huna is the ancient Hawaiian understanding of life, energy and healing which they believed to be from the one original wisdom around the planet. The ancient Hawaiians knew how to harness the energy from nature and to live in peace with themselves and one another and their environment. They knew that all those years ago that in order to be successful in anything we have to take personal responsibility for creating positive change.

When you start learning Hawaiian healing you begin to realise that things that are now proven in science such as quantum physics –  the ancient Hawaiians had known all along.

Huna offers you the choice how to live your life in peace and harmony in accordance with the laws of attraction -cause and effect and perception is projection.

How can you benefit the Hawaiian Energy Healing Retreat?

Would you like to learn how to increase and have more energy when you want to and reduce energy when you want to relax or feel stressed?

Would you like to learn some practical yet powerful ways of healing yourself whenever you want to?

Do you want to learn ways of letting go negative feelings whenever you want to?

Would you be like to gain a more spiritual view of your world and your connection with it?

Would you like to gain a better insight as to who you are and discover your purpose ?

Do you want to find a better way of understanding yourself and others and take responsibility for and have more control of yourself?

Are you interested in learning ways of healing up your relationships and your past?

Would you be interested in learning what each of us can do to heal our world by healing ourselves?

If the answer is yes, then the Hawaiian Energy Healing Retreat is for you.

Some of the things you will explore and learn are:

How to use breath work to increase life force energy to heal yourself and or to aid relaxation and achieve balance.

  • Awaken your spiritual awareness
  • Connect with the world around us – we are a part of the whole
  • Connect with your high-self
  • Experience Ho’oponopono (a forgiveness process) to heal up your relationships
  • Letting go of the negative
  • Goal setting
  • Basic concepts and laws of Huna for modern day peaceful living
  • Learning, connecting and practicing four powerful energy symbols for self-healing
  • Increase your conscious awareness and experience simple exercises to expand your thought processes.
  • Experience powerful breakthroughs in your spiritual, emotional and personal life.
  • Experience and energy session.
  • Learn meditations of the Kahuna

I have studied Hawaiian Huna in Hawaii for more than ten years and I am a full initiator of the energy symbols of my lineage. I have used Hawaiian energy healing on myself as well in my therapy practice for the past eighteen years..

Richards Hawaii pictures 013Kumu (teacher) Hula with students

FOR FULL DETAILS OF THE RETREAT  IN  SPAIN  for couples or individuals

CONTACT                                                                                          0044 7733 268451 OR    0034 711771972