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Rapid Emotional Breakthrough©Therapy Session


What is the Rapid Emotional Breakthrough© (REB)

therapy session?



The Rapid Emotional Breakthrough© therapy session  is a specific

therapy process developed by Marion Dias as a result of over

twenty-five years of experience in therapy, energy healing practice,

training, and coaching to help her clients.



The REB process, is an unique combination of some of the most powerful

therapeutic processes and energy healing processes that are available

today for emotional healing. The REB session is customised for the

client’s specific needs.


I have had many clients over the years who had been in therapy for

several years, having attended hourly sessions week after week for

years and in some cases medicated for years to numb the senses

and still unable to resolve their issues. Some doctors  have referred

some of these  patients to me and only referring them to me as a last




They were clients with depression, complex anxiety disorders such as

PTSD/trauma, adults with childhood abuse. Some were also undergoing

treatment for cancer or MS. I thought they had suffered enough and was

determined to find a better way to help them at least with their emotional

issues, so that the body could speed up the feeling process. The REB

therapy sessions is the result and I have been offering the sessions since



I update my processes whenever further advances are made,

for example, the effects of unresolved emotions on the body

and the immune system –psychoneuroimmunology, developments

in neuroscience as I take a holistic approach in helping clients 

at all three levels of their being, mind, body, and spirit/soul.




My REB, therapy sessions are all about helping you in

healing the PAST clearing/cleaning up the memories for good…,

project an inspiring FUTURE, so that you can

fully live in the PRESENT.



The REB therapy session is life changing and it will inspire you

and empower you to make a bold new start and start living and

enjoying your life.


Is my REB therapy session for you?


If you are determined and committed to resolving the painful issues

and looking for a form of therapy that is focused customised

specifically for your needs and resolve your issues within a short time;

then my Rapid Emotional Breakthrough© Therapy session is for you.



In most cases, clients resolve their issues within a six-hour session

(1 day), but some need about twelve hours depending on the complexity of the

issues. In my experience only where clients have physiological issues

such as cancer or multiple sclerosis as well as emotional issues, they

have sometimes needed further help.     



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How can the REB© therapy session help you?


It is customised for your specific outcomes by Marion to help you:


  • Identify and clear painful, unwanted emotions in the past, for good

  • Identify and clear unhealthy beliefs

  • Adopt new beliefs that support you

  • Learn new resources and  coping strategies

  • To be more confident

  • To prepare a plan of action for the future

  • To enjoy the present moment



WHY heal up unhealthy painful emotions?


Unresolved negative emotions include: anger, fear, sadness, guilt,

hurt shame etc attached to your past memories, depression as well

as anxiety are harmful to your physical body and can lead to 

disease in the body as well of the mind. They also keep you stuck

in the past and interfere with your daily life and relationships, and

influence how you see yourself and relate to the world around you.

REB session also work on any unhealthy limiting beliefs you might have

and to adopt new healthy empowering beliefs to replace them.

The unhealthy beliefs can include for example: ” I am not good enough”,

” I am not worthy”, ” I am a failure” ” I always get rejected” ”

I cannot do anything right” ” I can never have what I want in life” ”

I am not lovable”,etc,.

You can understand how such emotions and beliefs keep you stuck

in the past, blocks healing energy and stops you from creating what

you really want in your life.


If you prefer to have therapy and energy healing processes at a more

comfortable pace, you may want to consider my Personal Healing and

Empowerment Retreat?  (See, Bespoke Private Retreats).









How Marion facilitates the desired change



What I offer is very different to other talk therapies. One significant advantage

is that my clients never have the need to spend weeks, months and years in 

therapy. Indeed some of the clients (referred to me by some medical

professionals ) have spent months and years in weekly therapy sessions as

well as on medication without experiencing a significant change. They were

only referred to me as a last resort. (see testimonials). However, I appreciate

that for some people conventional counselling and talk therapy may be what

they need.



As a facilitator of positive change, I see my role as a compassionate,

non-judgmental guide, assisting and accompanying clients on their

empowering journey ensuring they travel on the chosen path to reach

their destination safely and comfortably and in a timely manner.

I work on issues from the mind-body-soul aspects of my clients.

I work with clients helping them get to the root cause of their problems

rather than merely addressing the symptoms and no medication is involved.

I work intuitively as it helps me to observe the client to understand them

better and discover how they structure their problems so that we can work

together starting from the root cause/s.

Furthermore, within the six hour session (1 DAY face  to face) clients are

assisted in identifying, clearing up painful/negative emotions, limiting

beliefs and healing their past for good!  They then learn new tools and

strategies to help them maintain emotional balance.If they  want to, they

also have the opportunity to extend the session to work on their values.

To help you achieve your outcome, as well as my extensive

experience, I draw from a comprehensive set of probably the

most powerful set of processes, tools and skills available today

to facilitate personal development. These include:

NLP (euro-linguistic programming), Time Line Therapy™,

Clinical Hypnosis, TFT/EFT, EMDR, neuroscience,

psychoneuroimmunology, quantum physics, Inner Child healing

process, and powerful energy healing processes.


Another option I offer is to follow up the breakthrough session

with a short Coaching programmes  for specific goals you want

to achieve in your life, after you have cleared up the past. The

coaching  is offered via Skype.


How can the client ensure that they get the outcome they want?


My Rapid Emotional Breakthrough Session is an intensive,

solution focused session, and it does NOT come cheap. So it is

essential that you must want to resolve the issues for good and must

give your 100% commitment in getting the result. Marion cannot

and will not force anyone to do something they do not want to do

or not ready to deal with and sees her role as that of a guide who

accompanies you in getting from where you are at present to where

you want to be and make sure you get there safely and comfortably.



An important note:


Does Marion guarantee a successful outcome?


Absolutely NOT, because the clients ALWAYS have the choice to accept or

reject suggestions/treatment offered. Even with the best of intentions,

Marion cannot change the behaviour or condition for the client because

only the client can and have the ability to do it. This is why your total

commitment to the process is necessary. It is not about the therapist “fixing”





Personal Breakthrough session – 6 hour (1Day – face to face) for

most emotional issues is  £1,750.


Where more complex emotional issues such as PTSD , Trauma, Abuse or

physiological conditions (such as cancer, MS, Chrone’s disease etc) are also

involved, the duration of the session is over two days and the fee is

dependent on the issue.

To BOOK Please email: marion@dynamic-perceptions.com



You will find my Intensive Rapid Emotional Breakthrough

session is one of the best, if not the very best investment

in YOU, that you will ever make in your life, because to create

what you want in life you need to be fully present NOW AND,


                                           You are worth it!






 “Our behaviours and problems are not Who we are or  What we have, or Something put upon us, but  something we do
  -Marion Dias



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Marion Dias,BSc (Honours) Clinical Hypnosis Ceritfied Trainer  and master practitioner NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis;  Energy healing , TFT/EFT  , Matrix Reimprinting EMDR     Chi-lel qi gong.  

Author: Why Did The Cancer Disappear






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