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Re-Invent Yourself Retreat   2017

(for individuals or couples only)

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“YOUR world and YOUR life is in YOUR hands. How YOU want to experience it is YOUR choice and only YOU can change it.”  

   Marion Dias


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7 days of transformation 2017


                                 SET YOUR SELF FREE…


We believe that everything we experience in our lives is down to the way we

perceive ourselves and our world and the meaning we give to what we perceive.


RE-INVENT YOURSELF retreat enables you to understand how you

make your “reality ” and make a 360 ° appraisal of yourself and your life .



areas of life


Everything we do, have an impact at every level of our mind body and soul and

on the RE-INVENT YOURSELF workshop & retreat we work on all three levels.


Ask yourself the following questions:


Do I feel stuck in the past and feel weighed down and can’t move forward?

What would it feel like to free myself of being a victim of my past?

Do I really Want to make sense of how I make my reality and what drives my unwanted

behaviour and habits?

Would it help me to understand myself better at the levels of my being-that is: body mind and


What would it be like to be in control of my emotions and learn how to clear any unwanted

ones quickly and easily as and when I experience them?

How many different ways can my life change when I learn how to design and programme my

future in the way you want to experience it?

Is it time for ME to Re-claim MY life and start living fully in the present, NOW?


Re-Invent Yourself Retreat may enable you to find some answers for you.


The Retreat is quite intensive and therefore for individuals only.

You will find it both transformational and enjoyable.

It includes writing processes, guided imagery, hypnosis, meditation early morning qigong on

the beach (some mornings), breath work, self-healing process and other processes to

enhance your transformational journey.


Venues: Summer:  in England (West country)

Winter and Spring: in Malaga Spain


Duration: 7 Days

Note: the retreat starts at 4pm on the first day and end at 12 noon on the last day. Please allow yourself enough time when you make your travel arrangements.


Price: Depends on the location (England or Spain) and the time of year and start from from £2,700.

Includes: The 7 day Retreat, en-suite room and half board for six nights.

You will need to book your flights. Transport from Malaga to Nerja can be arranged locally and cost around €70 each way.  We can provide full details on this  when you book.


Facilitator: Marion Dias BSc (Hons) Clinical Hypnosis Trainer NLP Hypnosis TLT,  Energy healing, EFT. Author of “Why Did The Cancer Disappear”

Please NOTE: Our retreats  and workshops are about self-development

and empowerment and does not involve any diagnosis or treatment or therapy.

However, therapy options  on a One to One basis are available (at additional cost)


Book your place now and take control of your life!


One of our retreat venues

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