Relax and Resource Retreat


Relax and Resource (R & R ) Retreat- Group retreat


Hawaii Kona


Who can benefit from Relax and Resource Retreat?


Do you feel stressed out? Over-loaded?  Over whelmed?


Do you feel as if you are spinning plates most of the time, trying to keep up

with the many demands on your time and resources?


Feeling anxious all the time ?


Are you missing deadlines at work or making silly mistakes or errors of judgment?


Do you engage in negative self talk and beat yourself up?

Difficult to cope with day to day life?





May be you simply want a break from day to day life and learn how to relax or

want to get away after a stressful event.


This is your chance to get away from it all for a while and learn and experience

many ways to relax and resource yourself in a nurturing environment and

have fun doing it.


After all, what have you got to loose? Except for stress and troublesome thoughts

and behaviour!



Why is relaxation so important NOW more than ever?



For years the media has been alerting us to the fact that more than 75% of all

visits to your GP (doctor) involves conditions/symptoms closely related to chronic

stress If not addressed in time, chronic stress can and often lead of serious

illness such as anxiety disorders and even cancer. Demands upon our resources

are evermore increasing and as we respond to them we tend to forget or ignore

the needs of the body as well as the mind’s needs for time out and relaxation.

Often chronic stress or excessive stress tends to override the body’s own natural

natural rhythms that our inbuilt within us to keep us balanced.

Also, excessive and chronic stress simply interferes with all aspects of our lives

and stop us enjoying our lives.



How can I benefit from the Relax and Resource



Learn how to relax


By understanding stress from a mind –body perspective .

Most of us talk/ hear about it daily, but only a few actually understand what it is.


You will learn what happens in your body when you are overly stressed and the

consequences from a psycho-neuro-biological level.Just understanding stress

better can motivate us to do something about it instead of overriding it.


Understand the body’s own natural healing cycles and rhythms and learn how to

use them for enhancing relaxation.


Learn self-hypnosis and how to use it for inducing and enriching your relaxation



Learn how to switch off intrusive thoughts so that you can relax and simply “be”.


Learn guided imagery/visualisation.


Learn Chi-lel qigong exercises on the beach to calm you down and gain clarity of

thought and better mental focus.


Learn breath work – Learn powerful breathing techniques (including the breathing techniques of the ancient Hawaiian Kahuna) that relaxes you comfortably and quickly. Your breath is the key to your relaxation. Breath work include many abdominal breathing techniques, whereby you learn how to breathe deeply into your abdomen. After all, it is the breath that keeps us alive!

You will also learn how to increase the energy in your body when you want to and

reduce it when you want to relax.

One of the key reasons for stress  in most industrialised countries is that people

are always in a rush and does not breathe property .



Does it sound good to you? Do you feel you can

benefit from our Relax and Resource Retreat?


You can also enjoy a deep relaxing massage with a specialist in the field (Optional extra).


Please see terms and conditions for our cancellation policy before booking.


There are many cheap flights from London Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton & Stanstead

and British Airways, Norwegian airlines, Ryan Air, Easyjet and many others fly to

Malaga from various airports in the UK.


UK. Full details will be provided when booking your retreat.

We also lead some personal development workshops in Costa del sol Spain.

GROUPS Each limited to 10 participants.

Please NOTE: The group retreats and workshops are about self-
development and empowerment and does not involve any diagnosis  treatment or therapy.


Therapy options (at additional cost)


1.Therapy sessions are available (at extra cost) for should you need

assistance issues that may come up during the retreat and you need 

additional help with resolving them.



2.However, If you feel you have many emotional issues to be resolved

you may wish to add an ITBS- Integrated Therapy Breakthrough  

Session(50% discounted of the normal cost of the ITBS ) immediately

before or during the week after the Group retreat.

Please indicate at the time of booking your the retreat if you need an ITBS therapy session.

Most group retreats are held at a small family run hotel with it’s own

unique personality, with a restaurant well known for its good food at:

Los Caracoles Frigilliana Malaga Spain. It is fondly known to the British

expats as the “Hobbit House”. It is surrounded by majestic mountains, 

with spectacular views over looking the sea in Nerja (11 km away) in an

ideal location for our retreats.The rooms are quirky but clean and


Please refer to the webpage for workshops or email us for details.