Following is the feedback  received  from a  GP ( family doctor) who had referred her patients to Marion:


In June 2005 Marion saw MRS M and her teenage son who were referred by their GP (doctor).

MRS M was suffering from Depression since the breakdown of her marriage five years previously and her son had been bullied at school, ceasing to attend since the March of that year.

Marion subsequently saw MRS M’s sister who had been suffering severe depression for several years.


“My Experience”, MRS M, Headteacher, Scotland


“In March 2005, my son who was 15 at the time, was attacked at school. It was a Friday. He returned to school on the Monday, this was to be his last day at school until August. In hindsight I know that the attack was just the final straw. My son had been suffering from low self-esteem, a relationship breakdown with his father, and I was also unhappy in my relationship with my partner, which were all contributors. He had developed a ‘hatred’ for his younger brother which was tearing the family apart.

The Tuesday following the attack he awoke with a pain in the right hand side of his abdomen, the pain was severe and lasted for 4 months.

Initially the doctor thought he had glandular fever as he was also suffering from a sore throat. Then it was suspected apendicitis, he would be having his appendix removed, however following further tests he was sent home, there was nothing wrong with his appendix. It was a viral illness that would go away on its own.

I was frustrated and very worried and helpless, wishing I could wave a magic wand or even take the pain myself to free him of it. I longed for him to do something mischievous but he didn’t.

My son very rarely left the house. He was very down and he held his right arm pemanently at his “pain” as if he were guarding it. I called the doctor at least twice a week and although he was very good and supportive the doctor could not find out what was wrong. I had to continue work and relied on family and friends to come and sit with him as I was concerned for his safety. He was tested for Crohns Disease, IBS and many other things.

It was then decided he was fibre deficient and constipated. What followed next was weeks of “cleaning him out” – even though he said he went to the loo regularly. He was also put on anti-depressants – at one stage you could have shook him and he would have rattled with all the pills he was taking.


Of course the pain he had was psychosomatic.

In June a breakthrough came, I called the doctor again – only to be told he was on holiday for the next 2 weeks so I decided to see another doctor – “there is a solution” – there were no ifs and buts in her voice – she was adamant she knew how we could help my son.


Time Line Therapy. I left the surgery wondering if this is for real? It was expensive – what if it didn’t work? All I wanted was my son better.

The past few months had taken its toll on myself also. I had also suffered periods of depression since my marriage breakdown 5 years previously, I was carrying a lot of baggage and was in an unhappy relationship. I went to see the doctor the following week knowing what she would say. “You also need Time Line Therapy”.

At the end of June 2005 my son and I met Marion Dias. We spent a day each with her receiving therapy. My son was quite unresponsive at the beginning of his therapy; he was even quite rude, however I watched as the day went on his whole persona changed. When we left Marion he was still holding his side, Marion said this was normal after all he had held his side for four months and he would put the hand down soon when he was ready. I asked him when he would stop holding his side. He said “tomorrow” – the next day he put down his arm – the pain had gone. He started going out with friends.

The day I met Marion was the first day of the rest of my life. I now have the tools to make my life fun and happy, all the unhappy memories have gone (along with the unhappy relationship). It’s my life and boy is it good. My son is well, a typical teenager who is full of mischief which I get cross about at times but I am so glad about all of the time.

My sister Mandy who has suffered serious depression for a few years saw Marion in December 2005, as with my son and I, Marion transformed her.

Marion has transformed my life and my son’s life and I strongly believe she saved my sister’s life.”


Eating Disorder


” For ten years my life had been ruled by bulimia.I had been to see numerous therapists and experts, some of whom prescribed anti-depressants and most of whom told me that I was going to have a long road to travel before I would get better. one person had told me that it would take three years before I would see any significant changes.

Marion helped me to change my life.When i spoke to her on the telephone she was so positive, something I had not experienced before, and she was not filled with pity for me like all the other therapists, but she was positive that she may be able to help me.I was still a little sceptical when i went to see Marion as nothing else had worked so far and i felt very low at this point.

I can remember a feeling of numbness as I sat there waiting to go in and see Marion and felt very flat and sad. I spent three hours with Marion on the first session and they were the best three hours of my life. The following week ,once my treatment had finished , I felt and overwhelming sense of peace and calm. i didn’t feel sad, guilty or anxious anymore, I felt alive and positive for the first time in so many years I can’t  remember. As I walked out of Marion’s office i knew my life was going to change, I knew that bulimia was no longer going to control me and that I was in control of my life.


I still can’t believe it myself, but I am no longer bulimic, a disorder that had ruined my life for ten years. It was like someone had turned a switch on and I realised that I have control of my life. I had been a victim to bulimia and all that it had brought and I no longer feel like a victim.I feel in complete control of my life.


i work every day with the tools Marion taught me and I am getting stronger all the time.

When I visited my parents in Scotland a few days after my second session with Marion they could not believe how different I looked. My mum said that I had looked so grey and worn and lifeless,and now I looked so full of life.


I dread to think where i would be today if Marion had not come into my life and I can’t thank her enough for giving me the strength and the tools to reclaim my life – she believed in me and in turn I believed in myself.

Following my Breakthrough Therapy Session my younger sister having seen the change in me,went to Marion for a breakthrough session. My sister had a school phobia as a result of bulling and it was so severe that she had to be tutored at home since about seven years of age. With Marion’s help my sister not only over came her phobia and intense fear, but went on to university to train as a teacher! 


 Marion will make such a difference to your life. you will be so much in control of your life and not scared anymore, but powerful and strong enough, to push aside any insecurities or lack of confidence you may have and to reach your potential. trust her with your problems and I can promise you she’ll help make them go away.”

 Gwen – director , international aid organisation – London


Healing up past/ trauma

“since my childhood I had been haunted by memories of the past that at the age of 52 I felt I was unable to cope and was seeing my GP regularly. I had every reason to be happy with my life now, but I could not feel that joy. I felt guilty of the pain I was causing my husband and the medication could only numb things rather than resolve. My GP suggested that perhaps I should have a chat with Marion Dias.I was willing to do what ever it took because I so wanted to enjoy my life.


Marion’s Breakthrough Therapy Session was very intense and an exciting experience of learning about myself.It was tiring letting go of all the negative feelings built up in the past,but also relief at the same time. Being quite analytical i experienced a headache during the morning session(because i wanted to make sense of everything). The headache lessened after the first hypnotherapy session which was soothing . I wished it had been longer. The afternoon session was less tiring for me. I was already beginning to change the way I spoke about myself and paid attention to the language I was using. I was able to release all my negative emotions attached to the past with Time Line Therapy I believe it was.The final hypnotherapy session to integrate all the work I had done was the best part. I felt I was on a lovely island surrounded by a turquoise sea and I completely lost track of time.


As I am writing this note a month later, I feel absolutely great and felt warm and glowing inside. My husband noticed the changes soon after the session.I look back at my past and saw my childhood and felt lucky  and felt good inside. All those dark clouds that had hung over me for so long had gone and as for the lamp I had bought for SAD I just slung it out the next day. I love and accept myself.It is good to be me, Desiree.


Thank you so much for your guidance, you gave me back myself.it was meant for me meeting you.”

Desiree  – Hotel proprietor Holland



From a Student Practitioner-  Time Line Therapy

” Dear Marion

Just a quick note to thank you for the time you spent with me sharing the information and experience.I am looking forward to the time I am able to touch people’s lives in the way that you do!”

Shelly  South Africa