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“Your life and how you experience your self and your world is in your hands’.


RETREATS  2022/2023



Retreats for Individuals and Couples only


Simply Relax and Rejuvenate Retreat



Healing and Empowerment Retreat




The Ultimate Personal Development Programme



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About our unique retreats


Most retreats offer relaxation, meditation often with yoga.  As excellent

as they are, while most do make you relaxed and calm after the retreat,

the primary focus is on the physical body. If all you want from a retreat

is simply take time out to recharge the batteries, that works very well.



However, there may be times when you feel you want more from a retreat

such as how to manage anxiety and stress that most of us experience

currently in our daily life  and you want to learn and experience some

useful practical coping tools and strategies as well as breath work,

meditations and relaxation. If this is what you want, you may want

to consider our unique retreats. 


Our Transformational Retreats & Workshops are unique in that:

We structure the retreats around all three aspects of your being,

the mind-body- spirit, and our retreats are aimed at integrating all

three with all the changes you make.



Our unique retreats draw from both the ancient wisdom and modern

science to enhance your experience.

These include the ancient healing traditions such as the Vedic, Chinese

and Hawaiian, quantum physics, psycho-neuro-biology,

Neuro- science, Clinical Hypnosis

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy ™, ,

EFT (Emotional FreedomTechnique), Matrix Re-imprinting,

Hawaiian Energyhealing, Reiki, Inner Child processes,

Matrix healing, Chi gong. These are probably the most powerful

tools and techniques available today for personal transformation

and development. From these and our 27 years of experience of

helping clients, we draw those tools that are most beneficial to our





Currently,  we can only offer Private (Individuals or couple) retreats. 

The retreats are catered specifically for your needs. These retreats are

available in Cornwall and Southern Spain.



Personalised One to One retreats for INDIVIDUALS or COUPLES


Please email us with details of: 

Any specific issues you want to address during the retreat,
The length  of the retreat and dates that suits you best,
Where you want to have the retreat (UK or Spain)



Or If you want further information about the retreats, feel free

to email us at: 

On receipt of the information we can tailor the retreat to your

specific requirements.







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