Transformational Retreats and Workshops


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“Your life and how you experience your self and your world is in your hands’.


About our unique retreats

Our transformational retreats and workshops are unique in that we draw from both

the ancient wisdom and modern science to enhance your experience.

These include the ancient healing traditions such as the Vedic, Chinese and Hawaiian

as well as quantum physics, psychoneurobiology, NLP (Neuro-linguistic

Programming), Time Line Therapy ™, Neuro- science, EFT (Emotional Freedom

Technique), Matrix Re-imprinting, Clinical Hypnosis and other Energy

healing, Reiki, Inner Child processes, Matrix healing, Chi gong. These are probably

the most powerful tools and techniques available today for personal transformation

and development. From these and our 25 years of experience of helping clients, we

the draw those tools that are most beneficial to our clients.


Personalized One to One retreats for INDIVIDUALS


 Currently,  we can only offer Private (Individuals or couple) retreats. 

The retreats are catered specifically for your needs.


Please provide details of what you are looking for (including any issues you want resolved during the retreat, the number of days, whether you want the retreat in Spain or in the UK (Summer months only in the UK), your preference for accommodation, meals and we shall designed one for you to suit your needs.

The Emotional Freedom and Empowerment Retreat

Relaxing  and Rejuvenate Retreat


Healing Retreat


One to One personal retreats can be arranged throughout the year in SPAIN  and the UK  (Summer only in UK).



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