Ultimate Personal-Development programme


“A journey within…   


       …To awaken the whole being that is YOU, your body-mind-soul”


                                                 … with your guide by your side: Marion Dias

                                           7  whole DAYS  of transformation!  

                                           Held in Spain or the United Kingdom (by arrangement)




Ultimate Personal-development Programme


Unique to Dynamic-Perceptions, thoughtfully structured and developed by Marion Dias; the Ultimate Personal-development Programme is an awakening…our most intensive but exciting, invigorating, inspiring and life changing programme you could ever experience.


Inspired by her clients over the last twenty-five years, and her own life experiences Marion developed The Ultimate Personal-development Programme (“UPP”) to address the missing link she identified that was common with all of us.


UPP is the first step to awakening and becoming the whole being that you are, at the level of your body-mind-soul, gaining a better understanding about: who you are, why and for what purpose you are here, so that you can live a purposeful life of your choice. In this journey you will begin to understand just how amazing you are as a WHOLE being living your purpose. Most of us live our lives unconsciously even the people who are considered very successful but often not happy. We live our lives not knowing or understanding who we are and why we are here, but simply roll play through life.
Due to the intensive nature of our Programme it is held over 7 full days.



What is unique about it?


Our Ultimate Personal development Programme is unique, in that it is a journey inside you to help you awaken your body, mind and the soul.
It is intense and exciting because you will be exploring, discovering and working on all three aspects of the whole being that is YOU.
The UPP enables you to do a 360 degree appraisal of all areas of your life in a safe and comfortable and supportive environment.


We are there to accompany you throughout this very special journey. It is certainly not for everyone, as it requires working on your-self at a very deep level. As you delve deep into the unconscious you may have to face all issues you have avoided looking at in order to resolve them for good. The journey may be quite uncomfortable at times, but it is absolutely essential if you want to return to your true self. We will accompany you and support you throughout to ensure that such discomfort is kept to a minimum.



Why awaken?



If I were to ask you the following how would you respond?
  • What specifically do you know and understand about your body, mind and the soul?
  • Are you aware of what they are and how they function?
  • Who are you really?
  • Why are you here, in this planet, in this life right now?
The chances are that most of us are unaware of these important aspects of our being or why we are here.


Come join us on our Programme and you may discover answers to at least some of these questions if not all of them.
The ancient traditions would say that at the core of our being we already know, but have forgotten who and what we are and why we have come into this life. According to them we are living in a dream created by others for us through programming and/or conditioning and in the process we have forgotten who we really are or why we are here. Most of us are living our lives according to what is real for others and their dreams and are afraid to even think outside of that dream.
If you are no longer prepared to live your life in this way and want to reclaim yourself and create your life and free yourself from past programming; then this unique UPP programme is for you is for you.
Look around you, how many people do you know who can truthfully say they are happy and contented with their lives?
Our UPP development programme is a gentle first step towards your awakening from the dream and understanding yourself that is, every aspect of your being, so that you can recognise who you really are and what you are truly capable of and create your own reality to serve the purpose of your life confidently. It will involve  a 360 degree appraisal of your life.


Given the intense nature of the programme it is only available to individuals who are ready to work on themselves at a very deep level and totally committed to discovering who they really are and their purpose in life and create re-invent their life in the way they want to experience it.


                Are you ready for the journey of your lifetime?



If so, book your place now and discover your true self, discover what a powerful resourceful human being you really are and become one of the pioneers of this amazing journey.
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